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  • Vision/Mission

    The Society was floated by some educationists and bureaucrats in July, 1981 with the following objectives :

    (a) The basic object of the Society is to mobilize human mind against the nuclear menace and everything that lessens our humaneness;

    (b) To make efforts for the achievement of National Integration in the country on the basis of one nation theory ultimately leading to universal fraternity;

    (c) To foster peace and understanding amongst nations of the world and to build India's image abroad by a way of organizing goodwill missions of its members to various countries with a view, to preaching eternal values of ancient saints, philosophers and modern thinkers;

    (d) To invite members for lectures and write articles on the life and teachings of such peace loving and spiritual saints and philosophers of India in particular and the world, in general, and to edit and publish the approved ones in the form of a book for international sale and publicity;

    (e) To organize lectures and symposia on the significance of India's cultural and spiritual heritage in the present-day world torn with strife and distrust and to hold periodical Conventions in order to reckon Society's achievements and to discuss things of global peace and goodwill;

    (f) To publish annual Souvenir containing directory of members, an account of activities and goodwill visits undertaken during the year and a few articles on the significance of world peace and India's role in its achievement or on any topical issue facing the country and

    (g) To produce plays and documentaries showing the importance of its objectives in India and abroad.
    It is the considered belief of the pioneers of the Society that there is no salvation for mankind living in a chaotic world torn with rivalry, contempt and strife until we return to oriental ways of life and revive India's ancient cultural heritage based on the idea of a purposeful ethical world. Thus from the growing materialism of the modern world we have to go back to the ancient idea of spiritualism and adore a life of simple living and high thinking.
    The Society is functioning in seven states of India, viz. Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Uttarakhand and Delhi. It will, however, open its Branches in other states too as and when it is found convenient. There are District units also working under the State Units. A sub chapter has been opened in U.S.A.
    Those interested in the above mentioned objectives of the Society, may be its Life Members by sending a Cheque/Bank Draft of Rs. 2000/- in favour of '-INTERNATIONAL GOOD-WILL SOCIETY OF INDIA' as its life membership alongwith the duly filled up Membership Form to Dr. R.K. Bhatnagar, Secretary General 34 Ashok Vatika, Prabhat Nagar, Meerut (250001).

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    (Dr. R. K. Bhatnagar - Secretary General)

    (Dr. Ashish Agrawal - Central Treasurer)

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