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(The First Founder President Of IGSI)

Dr. Nagendra Singh was one of those rare and multifaceted personalities whom it was always a previlege to meet. Born in princely family of Rajasthan in 1914, he showed early promise of his future scholarly interest by winning the Viceroy's Medal at the Diploma examination of the Mayo College, Ajmer. After passing his B.A. Examination from Agra, with distinction standing first in the University and winning the pinnhey Medal, he shifted the scene of his scholarly pursuits to Cambridge, obtaining his M.A., LL.M. and LL.D. Degrees from that University. Years later, he was awarded the D.Sc. In Law by the Moscow university. He won his D.C.L. from Delhi, D.Phil; from Calcutta and D.Litt. from Bihar. Much earlier, during his stay in England, he had earned his B.Litt. and LL.D. Degrees from the Dublin University on the basis of his published and unpublished work. Dr. Nagendra Singh joined the Indian Civil Service in 1937-38, by the open competitive Examination held by the Civil Service Commission, London and was awarded the Cama Prize by St. John's College, Cambridge for high distinction in the examination. From 1938, he held several appointments under the State and Central Governments ranging from District Magistrate to Secretary in a number of Ministries of the Central Government. He was Secretary to the President of India from 1966 to 1972. He was also the Chief Election Commissioner to the Government of India in 1972. Genius has been described by a wag as the development of one faculty at the cost of others but not so in the case of Dr. Nagendra Singh. His many splendoured personality had found many outlets. He was the author of a number of books many of which are an epitome of his deep scholarship and serve as reference books. To mention a few : Termination of Membership of International Organisation, Nuclear Weapons and International Law, The International Law Problems of Merchant Shipping, Defence Mechanism of the Modern State, British Shipping, The Concept of Force and Organisation of Defence in the Constitutional History of India, Human Rights and International Co-operation, Recent Trends in Development of International Law, The State Practice of India in the Field of International Law, Commercial Law of India, Bhutan-A Kingdom of
Himalayas, Maritime Flag and International Law. The British heritage of Asia, Justice Doncepts of Ancient Indian Polity, The Role of ICJ etc. Dr Nagendra Singh was member of a number of legal Institutes and International Law associations including the Institute of International Law; Member of the Executive Council of the Indian Institute of Constitutional and Parliamentary Studies; President of the Maritime Law Association of India, President of the Indian Society of International Law and The President of International Goodwill Society of India. He was Representative of India of the U.N. General Assembly in 1996, 1969 and 1971; Member and later Vice-Chairman and later Chairman of the United Nations Commission on International Trade and Law; Chairman of the Expert Group on Shipping of the Eco-normic commission for Asia and the far East; President of the I.L.O. Maritime Session and the IMCO Assembly. He was elected a Fellow of St. Johns College, Carnbridge in 1975 and Master Bencher of Grays Inn, London in 1974. Early in January 1973, he became a Judge of the International Court of Justice at the Hague for a term of 9 years and from 1976 to 1979 he was elected its Vice-President and was re-elected for another term of 9 years in Nov. 1982- a rare distinction for any man, of which his country can rightly be proud. He was elected President of the ICJ in Feb. 1985 and remained on this high post till his death on Dec. 11, 1988. Dr. Nagendra Singh was the first Indian to have achieved this highest position in UN's Chief Judicial organ. He was the first founder President of the International Goodwill Society of India. And last but not least, Dr. Nagendra Singh has been a Visiting Professor of International Law and Maritime Law at the Universities of Madras, Delhi, Udaipur, Bombay and Banaras. The Hague Academy of International Law, King Tribhuvan (Professor of Human Rights), University of Nepal and Nehru Professor of International Co-operation at the Graduate Institute of International Studies, Geneva. In recognition of his proven merit and services of the Nation, Dr. Nagendra Singh was awarded the Padma Vibhushan in 1973. The more one learns of Dr. Nagendra Singh, the more one marvels at what more one man could achieve. In his person he combined deep and rare scholarship with statesmanship and judicial acumen a truly versatile man.


(The Present Life President of IGSI)

Date of Birth 26th June, 1942
Academic Qualification Ph.D. Degree awarded in 1998 for his research work on the subject, 'Operationalisation of the Right to Information in U.P. M.Phil in Public Administration in the year 1991 from Indian Institute of Public Administration, Delhi. Was awarded the first prize for topping in the examination. Diploma in Development Economics in the year 1980-81 from University of Glasgow, U.K. Was awarded International prize for coming first in the course. M.A. (Political Science) in the year 1964 from Allahabad University. Awarded Gold Medal for obtaining Ist Position in M.A. from Allahabad University with 1 Class. B.Sc. (Physics, Chemistry, Maths) in the year 1962 from Allahabad University. Serior Cambridge in the year 1960 from Boys High School, Allahabad.
Writing Authored a Book "ABC of Public Relations for Civil Servants."
Published a book of poems "Clouds of other Poems." Professional Career Indian Administrative Service, (1965).
Other Interests Writing poetry, participating in drama and plays
Postings & Details of Public Offices held
July 1965 IAS, probationer, Lal bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration, Mussoorie (U.P.) July 1966 to July 1968 Assistant Collector and Magistrate, Aligarh; Jt. Magistrate,
Mirzapur/Additional District Emergency Relief Officre.
July 1968 to July 1969 City Magistrate, Kanpur
July 1968 to Oct. 1971 Regional Food Controller, Kanpur Zone
Oct. 1971 to April 1973 Joint Secretary, Department of Finance, Govt. of U.P.
Oct. 1973 to April 1976 District Magistrate & Collector, Muzaffarnagar
April 1976 to June 1976 Joint Secretary, Department of Industries, Govt. of U.P.
June 1976 to Sept. 1976 Director of Information and Joint Secretary (Information) Govt. of U.P.
Oct. 1976 to July 1977 District Magistrate & Collector, Muzaffarnagar.
July 1977 to Sept. 1977 Special Secretary, Dept. of Home, Govt. of U.P., Lucknow
Oct. 1977 to July 1980 District Magistrate & Collector, Lucknow, U.P.
July 1980 to Oct. 1980 Special Secretary, Department of Irrigation, Govt. of U.P.
Oct. 1980 to June 1981 proceeded to University of Glasgow, U.K. for Diploma in Development Economics
July 1981 to July 1982 Secretary, Irrigation & Power, Govt. of U.P.
July 1982 to March 1985 Principal Secretary to three Chief Ministers of U.P.
1. Shri Sripati Mishra
2. Shri Narayan Dutt Tiwari
3. Shri Kalyan Singh
March 1985 to Jan. 1991 Joint Secretary (Ports), Union Ministry of Surface Transport.
Feb. 1991 to 1992 Founder Chairman of the Greater Noida, Industrial Development Authority.
Dec. 1992 to June 1993 Principal Secretary, Information, Govt. of U.P.
June 1993 to Feb. 1995 Principal Secretary to Governor, U.P.
Mar. 1995 to Mar. 1997 Founder Chairman of the National Highways Authority of India under the Government of India.
April 1, 1997 to April 2, 1998 Secretary, Ministry of Surface Transport, Government of India.
April 2, 1998 to Oct. 18, 2000 Chief Secretary, Government of Uttar Pradesh.
Oct. 20, 2000 to June 30, 2002 Defence Secretary, Government of India.
Sep. 1, 2002 to Sep. 15, 2007 Secretary General, Rajya Sabha.
April, 2008 to 31 March, 2010 Member Secretary, Indian National Trust for Art & Cultural Heritage. Jan 2011 Chairman Board of Editor, Indian Institute of Public Administration, New Delhi
March 2008 (contd.) to 31 May 2012 Former Secretary General Rajya Sabha

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